• Two Boats School
  • Georgetown, Ascension, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha


Job description


JOB TITLE: Secondary Teacher (Design Technology preferred but not essential)

TEAM: Education

REPORTS TO: Head/Assistant Head Teacher Secondary



To teach Design Technology to Years 7-11 (Up to IGCSE) in the secondary section to meet the requirements of the UK National Curriculum adapting to address local circumstances.

    (2) To manage the Design Technology department in the secondary section



    To carry out the professional duties of a teacher as set out in the accompanying schedule.

    To write and keep under review the schemes of work for Design Technology in the Secondary section
    Plan work in accordance with departmental schemes of work and national curriculum programmes of study. 

    To advise the Assistant Head Teacher Secondary on curricular matters relating to Design Technology in the secondary section.

    To advise the Assistant Head Teacher Secondary on the timetable requirements of Design Technology in the secondary section.

    Take account of pupils’ prior levels of attainment and use them to set future targets.

    Set work when required for absent pupils.

    Establish a purposeful working atmosphere during all learning activities.

    Set appropriate and challenging work for all pupils.

    Identify and work appropriately with ‘special educational needs’ pupils and ‘gifted and talented’ pupils.

    Monitoring and setting targets for the social and academic progress of all pupils 

    Keep appropriate records of pupils’ work.

    Mark and return work set, including homework within an agreed and reasonable time.

    Adhere to the school’s marking policy at all times.

    Carry out assessment programmes, as agreed by the school, or department.

    Complete pupil reports in line with school policy.

    Attend parents’ evenings as required and keep parents informed about their child’s performance and future targets

    To be a form tutor and to be responsible for their pastoral care and deliver a Personal, Health and Social Education programme.

    To play an active role in extracurricular activities and assist in the organisation of whole school events e.g. sports, productions etc.

    To attend and deliver assemblies according to the school rota.

     To supervise pupils at periods before, during and after school.

    To undertake any other related duties as reasonably requested by the Assistant Head Teacher Secondary and the Head teacher.

    To teach, if required, members of the wider community as part of an evening class or day release programme.

    To fully participate in staff meetings.

    To take part in cover arrangements when necessary.

    Adhere to all school policies , procedure and protocols 

    To comply with existing Health and Safety legislation and procedures.

    To keep under review the schemes of work in Design Technology

      Assessment, Recording and Reporting

      Pastoral Duties

      Additional Duties

      To contribute to any relevant in-service training programmes




      • (1) Experience of managing a number of different years through the IGCSE (or equivalent) Curriculum
      • (2) Good inter-personal skills
      • (3) Good written and oral communication skills
      • (4) Able to work as one of a small team.
      • (5) Plan for progression across the Secondary age and ability range, designing effective learning sequences within lessons and across series of lessons informed by secure subject and curriculum knowledge
      • (6) Design opportunities for learners to develop their literacy, numeracy, ICT and thinking and learning skills
      • (7) Plan, set and assess homework, other out-of-class assignments and coursework for examinations, where appropriate, to sustain learners’ progress and to extend and consolidate their learning
      • (8) Teach challenging, well organised lessons and sequences of lessons across the Secondary age and ability range
      • (9) Use an appropriate range of teaching strategies and resources
      • (10) Have a secure knowledge and understanding of their subjects/curriculum area and related pedagogy including: the contribution that their subjects/curriculum area can make to cross-curricular learning; and recent relevant developments.
      • (11) Detailed knowledge of the structure and content of their current subject curriculum.
      • (12) Understanding and knowledge of current issues in education
      • (13) A belief in the ability of all young people to achieve success.
      • (14) A commitment to equality and diversity.
      • (15) High quality care guidance and support for pupils and parents
      • (16) Evidence of being able to build and sustain effective working relationships with staff, Governors, parents and the wider community.
      • (17) Flexibility and adaptability in order to be able to mix and work with a wide range of people
      • (18) The ability to teach an additional subject up to IGCSE level – for example Humanities, MFL or PE

      Highly Desirable

      (1) UK/St Helena Qualified teacher status