Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Officer

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  • Ascension, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Officer

Job description

JOB PURPOSE: Lead, develop and manage AIG’s quality, health, safety and environment systems to ensure all policies and practice are complied with throughout AIG.


  1. Ensure that AIG QHSE systems, policies and processes are established, implemented, reviewed and maintained and periodically reviewed.
  2. Re-establish a robust quality assurance regime with appropriate standards across all AIG business service sectors.
  3. Develop QHSE improvement strategies and plans across AIG and prepare regular management reports on performance and compliance.
  4. Carry out risk assessments across all of AIG’s operations and advise on risk reduction strategies in the workplace and project planning risk assessment and implementation.
  5. Create a forum of in-house QHSE representatives across each directorate and/or section and convene regular meetings to share information and best practice.
  6. Lead or facilitate regular and relevant in-house QSHE training.
  7. Working with functional specialists in each area of operation and/or team leaders, set standards and safe working practices, advise on safety aspects across the diverse specialist areas of operation within AIG, eg safe machine and equipment usage, disposal of hazardous materials such as waste, etc.
  8. Working with functional specialists in each area of operation and/or team leaders, advise on and assist in formulating and monitoring appropriate standards of quality assurance and control, across all areas of operation within AIG, eg performance standards, service level agreements, periods of review etc.
  9. Develop and manage internal and periodic external audit plans for safety and quality assurance according to established industry norms.
  10. Manage the corporate responsibility for the safety of staff and visitors in the office and work environments.
  11. Establish a QHSE culture within AIG by creating and leading an effective QHSE Committee, with designated operational safety, first aid and fire officers.
  12. Advise management and staff on all aspects of QHSE matters in the workplace focusing on zero tolerance of non-compliance.
  13. Continuous development – responsible for your own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and advising management and staff in respect of QHSE changes in legislation and practices.
  14. Participate fully as a contributing member of the Operations & Facilities management team, engaging and supporting projects from an administrative as well as H&S perspective.
  15. Undertake line management functions of team members as required.


PERSON SPECIFICATION: Knowledge, skills, experience and personal attributes


  • A first degree or higher diploma in an appropriate commercial or technical discipline.
  • Qualification or certificated training courses in QSHE such as NEBOSH, C & G, or similar.
  • Practical experience of working within a significant ISO certified operation and acting as a lead implementer or auditor
  • Extensive practical QHSE-related experience across the full spectrum of quality and safety with experience of managing/supervising a QHSE team.
  • Experience of working in construction, engineering, manufacturing or similar practical operational situations with rigid safety and quality standards.
  • Disciplined, methodical and with excellent attention to detail and a proactive approach to resolving problems.
  • Ability and an empathetic attitude towards sharing knowledge and best practice of QHSE across management and staff.
  • Assertive with a personable approach to communicating effectively whilst able to effectively and constructively challenge staff and management at all levels.
  • Clean driving licence for class A & B vehicles.


  • NEBOSH, NCRQ or C & G Level 5 diploma in safety (desirable) or willingness to work towards (essential)
  • Practical knowledge of implementing a quality regime and exposure to integrated management systems.
  • Experience of managing safety and quality assurance standards aligned to marine, medical, plant and machinery and complex multidisciplinary working environments as well as the provision of administrative and community services
  • Experience of working in remote or challenging locations.

This Job Description indicates the main duties and responsibilities of the post. It is not intended as an exhaustive list.

The Ascension Island Government (AIG) reserves the right to amend this Job Description from time to time according to operational needs. Any changes will be discussed with you and confirmed in writing. Please note that you share with AIG the responsibility for making suggestions to alter the scope of your duties and improve the effectiveness of your post.

Updated: July 2020