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Assistant Environmental Health Officer - Rodent Control

  • Georgetown, Ascension, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
£10,868 - £10,868 per yearConservation

Job description

JOB TITLE: Assistant Environmental Health Officer – Rodent Control

LOCATION: Ascension Island

TEAM: Environmental Health

REPORTS TO: Environmental Health Officer

JOB PURPOSE: To increase the capacity of the AIG Environmental Health Team to undertake rodent control in residential and priority locations. This will enable a significant increase in the extent and frequency of poison baiting across Ascension Island. The role will also contribute to delivering the Environmental Health Team’s wider functions including insect pest control, water quality testing and maintenance of the Two Boats Swimming Pool.


  1. Carry out routine rodent control activities using poison baits, the setting and re-baiting of traps and the disposal of carcasses.
  2. Assist the Environmental Health Officer in working with international partners to design and implement an intensive rodent control program across the island.
  3. Trial new types of rodent control including self-setting traps and immune-contraceptive options at key sites.
  4. Integrate rainfall monitoring into rodent control program to better predict and respond to pulses in rodent population.
  5. Respond to requests from members of the public to control rodents in accommodation and workplaces.
  6. Manage the Rat Control Database by adding records of bait station locations, baiting activity and remaining bait levels.
  7. Carry out general environmental health duties including the spraying and smoking of buildings with insecticides and the testing of effluent water and water tanks in key areas.
  8. Assist with checks of Two Boats Swimming Pool including water testing, back-flushing filters, general cleaning, dosing and handling chlorine safely.


  1. To learn and comply with AIG’s Health and Safety at Work procedures including fieldwork in hazardous and remote locations.
  2. To ensure compliance with relevant QHSE processes and procedures.
  3. To ensure that all chemicals/poisons used are safely secured at all times.
  4. To utilise appropriate protective gear and equipment during application of chemicals and poisons.
  5. To be responsible for equipment used to carry out job related work.
  6. Keep daily records of jobs undertaken.
  7. Continuous development of knowledge through on the job training. To attend any training course that AIG may specify in the further development of jobholder’s role.

Job requirements



  1. Good standard of education.
  2. Ability to work outdoors in difficult and harsh conditions.
  3. Ability to put plans into operation.
  4. Ability to work independently to a high standard, and unsupervised in isolated areas of the island.
  5. Computer literate with experience in the use of MS Excel databases and other Microsoft Office programs.
  6. Good level of physical fitness.
  7. Experience of the safe use of pesticides.
  8. Interpersonal skills to establish confident and effective relationship with colleagues and customers.
  9. Be flexible and an enthusiastic team member.
  10. Valid clean driving licence.


  1. Working knowledge and experience of pest control including rat control, poison handling, trap setting and carcass disposal.
  2. A qualification in the safe use of pesticides.
  3. Proficiency in the use of GPS and GIS software
  4. 4x4 and off-road driving experience.

This Job Description indicates the main duties and responsibilities of the post. It is not intended as an exhaustive list.

The Ascension Island Government (AIG) reserves the right to amend this Job Description from time to time according to operational needs. Any changes will be discussed with you and confirmed in writing. Please note that you share with AIG the responsibility for making suggestions to alter the scope of your duties and improve the effectiveness of your post.

Updated: May 2024